3D soil in epoxy resin

My team has the necessary equipment and techniques to install this type of flooring. You can contact us for more information or if you want to carry out this type of project. You can provide us with your own 3D images but we can also find you the drawings that will suit your needs and tastes.

Among all types of flooring, 3D flooring in epoxy resin is gaining popularity. It is increasingly used in shopping malls, halls, offices, homes and apartments because of its creativity and high performance. Find out more on the 3D floor in epoxy resin in this article.

What is a 3D epoxy resin soil?

A 3D floor consists of a floor covering printed with a three-dimensional image covered with an epoxy resin. In order to achieve a realistic effect, the image must have the highest possible resolution, i.e. a certain size.

The choice of image is a matter of taste. In principle, almost all patterns can be chosen for a 3D floor – the main thing is that the resolution and angle are correct.

The pros and cons

Like any other flooring, 3D epoxy resin floors have advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits

  • Visual effect – The most significant advantage of 3D soil in epoxy resin is its stunning visual effect. By choosing the right design, color and 3D floor pattern, with the help of epoxy resin coatings, you can even visually increase the space of the room.
  • High resistance – Epoxy is virtually waterproof and highly resistant to acids, chlorine and other materials such as bleach and daily cleansers. For the same reason, soils are considered good for industrial sectors as well as for the home. When properly installed, 3D flooring can be used for at least 15 years without changing colour.
  • Easy maintenance – 3D soil has no seams, joints, cracks, pores and gaps, making it absolutely insensitive to any form of dirt, dust, water and chemicals.
  • Safe and hygienic – 3D soil does not accumulate dust and does not create an environment conducive to a variety of pathogens/bacteria. Epoxy resin soil materials have no corrosive odour or fumes, and are safe for human health, which is required and confirmed by manufacturers’ certificates.
  • Fire resistance – Epoxys/polymers do not burn, this is one of the reasons why it is the coating used in manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals, daycares, etc.

The downsides

  • Difficult to install and takes time to dry – a professional contractor and equipment are usually needed to properly install a 3D epoxy resin floor. It takes 3 to 5 days, sometimes longer, for it to be completely hardened.
  • High cost – there are not enough professionals on the market, and the demand for 3D soils is high. Popularity increases the cost, the materials themselves are not cheap either.
  • Cold soil – 3D flooring is as cold as tile or concrete, so you need to think about the best place to use it.

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