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Choose epoxy resin to coat your soil

To have an aesthetic and durable epoxy resin floor, you have to be careful in choosing the coating. On the market, you will be faced with many models of flooring. Be aware that the most popular element is epoxy resin. It can be used to dress industrial floors as well as the floors of individuals. Check out these few lines to learn more about this product.

Why use epoxy resin?

Dress it up soil with epoxy resin is very advantageous. Among the main strengths of the this coating, there is aesthetics, durability and ease installation.


The greatest advantage of epoxy resin is its aesthetics. Indeed, it gives a charming side to your floor. It adds value to your home or office.

epoxy resine

More brighter than waxed concrete, it also gives more luminosity to your Room. You will have a pleasant place or a house to live in.

Resin epoxy can come in different colors and in different patterns. From this fact, you can have the style you want. In this way, you will benefit custom is custom-made and live up to your expectations.


Made with a mixture of resin and hardener as well as mineral loads, resin epoxy is solid and durable. Indeed, it has a great deal of resistance to wear and tear. So you can have it in good condition for many years to come. You will no longer have to change or renovate it from time to time.

On the other hand, on the side, the epoxy is waterproof. It also remains intact osmosis phenomenon. As a result, it is not likely to deteriorate rapidly, even if in the face of external aggression. As a result, it is also suitable for a inside use than an outdoor application.

Know however, too much sun can turn it yellow and tarnish. So, to avoid this problem, don’t forget to cover the epoxy resin with paint or Varnish. You can also find UV models on the market. However, they are a bit expensive. In fact, their effectiveness is less than the paint or varnish.

The ease of installation

in choosing the epoxy resin, you will be guaranteed to have a coating simple to ask. You can install your own epoxy resin. He’ll tell you just have the necessary equipment. However, to have beautiful finishes and to finish the job quickly, the intervention of a professional is always welcome.

Easy to epoxy also fits on different media. You can lay it without any problems on wood, polyester stratification pre-existing metal and concrete.

What style of resin to adopt?

As above, the resin is colorable according to your desires. It can be also sport several styles of finishes.

Special effects

For special effects, you can choose the waxed concrete, made orange skin …

You can also inlay glitter, letters, photos…

The classic effects

For Classic effects, you can opt for satin, matte or gloss.

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