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Decorate your home with epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is currently very popular in interior decoration. It is a polymer with a particular design that can receive any shape. Wall applique, lamp, resin table… This product offers you different ways to beautify and customize the interior of your home.


What’s epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a heat-bogging polymer. It is the result of the mixture between the resin and a hardener. In other words, following a chemical reaction and the effect of heat, the substance can take a solid form irreversibly. The resin can be easily worked. You can mold it or sink it to take all the desired shapes. It is also because of these properties that it is particularly popular with interior decorators.

epoxy resine

Epoxy resin and interior decoration

The resin is beginning to take hold when it comes to home decorating tools. It comes in different forms and adapts to the desired design. The basic formula for producing epoxy resin is made up of hardener and resin. However, it is also possible to add other components, on the one hand to improve the strength of the final product, and on the other hand, to customize its appearance. With this in mind, applying attractive colours to the substance is also routine. In this way, the material derived from this polymer can perfectly conform to the environment in which it will remain as a decorating tool. Note that craftsmen make these epoxy accessories by hand.


In addition, epoxy resin does not interact with other materials, hence its wide scope of application. It can indeed be used with wood to design charming decorations, or also used as a flooring. It should be noted that the polymer is resistant to mechanical shocks and chemicals commonly used in households: detergents for example. Also, the product retains its integrity even in case of inclement weather.

How to use epoxy resin in interior decoration?

There are different ways to use epoxy in interior design. You can have a resin lamp, an epoxy wall applique, or an epoxy resin flooring. The possibilities are multiple given the strong malleability of the product. With a simple slice of wood, you can make an epoxy décor lamp that will go perfectly around the corner from your living room. There is no need to specify all the resin equipment you can design to customize the decoration of your room and all the other rooms in your home.

Be aware that you can easily find a skilled craftsman to make your epoxy resin lamp or any home accessory. However, if you are inspired, you have the opportunity to make the compositions yourself. Just be careful to properly measure the ingredients. This is a very good way to work your creativity to improve your home.

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