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Resin epoxy mass effect

you will probably laugh but I assure you I was not laughing that day, I cried with rage! Yes EFFET MASSE!

Jais wanted to sink 4.5 cm of resin epoxy in one go and two hours later, but it was already decided that everything would have gone to shit…

look at the first photo after emptying more than 30 liters of resin the level was not yet at flower with my board …

strange strange… Of course! … Wood floats! a brick and a joint greenhouse found by some miracle had convinced me that I would have come out of the case; What an imbecile!!!

resine epoxy
resine epoxy

Epoxy mass effect

A term for exothermy (i.e. heat release) that occurs when resin is poured to high thicknesses (greater than 1 cm).

Indeed, the a molecules, by binding to the B molecules, release heat, which is immediately dispersed in the case of minimal thickness.

On the other hand, when the thickness of the drip is greater than 1 cm, the heat is dissipated more slowly, and therefore the resin begins to heat up.

This warming further accelerates the reaction, causing an even higher temperature increase.

For this reason, it is necessary to avoid the use of high amounts of resin in one pour at a time, in order to prevent it from ‘cooking’ (creating cracks, bubbles and blackening of the resin).

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