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The sale epoxy resin for furniture – Epoxy resin for furniture

He’s coming to ask the question of what subject should be applied for the decoration of the furniture? Less well known to many people, epoxy resin is the ideal solution to give not only a youthful character, but also an unexpected brilliance to the Furniture and can make a far-reaching sale; here are some reasons.

epoxy resine

What is epoxy resin?

The paint furniture resin epoxy is a chemical composition consisting of a resin (basic component) and a hardener (mixing component) “dyedable” thanks to a tingling machine and therefore the choice of color depends on everyone.

Except that on the market, there are two types of resin that should not be confused. On the one up, on the side, the epoxy resin and on the other side the polyurethane resin. The principle of resin otherwise known as soil resin is presented as being the meeting of the resin and the hardener that will as such give a whole quite rigid.

However, before application of the resin, pre-preparation work must be done to be done. This consists of polishing the furniture or surface to be the object of the decoration. But the application of epoxy resin requires the compliance with certain rules.

The benefits of epoxy resin on a piece of furniture

For professionals, epoxy is considered the reference flooring. Because it adapts perfectly to industrial soils. First of all, it has mechanical resistance and great possibilities in terms of personalization. Thanks to the addition of pigmentation that can give rise to a nuance.

The choice

The choice can also be made between three forms of epoxy depending on their application and thickness that are going to be at the base of water, solvent, as well as the 100% solid base that is the thickest. This resin is the reference for an industrial soil since it has an excellent adhesion on your support as well as a good chemical and mechanical resistance. Therefore, to say that the epoxy resin is more heat resistant and is therefore suitable for a more heated soil. Epoxy resin is waterproof, monolithic, dust-proof, non-slip, easy to clean and maintain and has a long lifespan.

The epoxy resin adapts to multiple surfaces

The plurality of resin properties also implies multifunctional use. Many are familiar with theepoxy wood, ignoring that it can be used for other purposes. It is actually involved in decoration in general. As it effectively adapts and protects wood, it is also suitable for decorating the walls inside the house. And it gives the same effects and results expected on both surfaces.

So in wooden furniture (tables, pedestals, cupboards and others), Concrete walls can also be decorated with this Substance. It is enough to know how to apply the epoxy resin and also to maintain it well in order to ensure a the durability of decorated objects and surfaces.

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