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Epoxy resin is a material used to make many decorative objects, furniture, etc. It can also be shaped to obtain beautiful works of art. It is a mixture of 2 liquids that hardens after a break. The resulting material can then be cut, sanded, shaped or polished, depending on the desired result. How do I use epoxy? What are the main benefits? Find out everything you need to know about this decorative material.

epoxy resine

Making epoxy resin

As stated above, resin is obtained from the resin mixture and a hardener. Each of these items is sold in a bottle that indicates the amount to be used. After measuring the necessary quantities, the resin and hardener are poured into a suitable container. The 2 components are then mixed for 3 minutes until they are completely homogeneous. The hardening of the resin may take several days, depending on the surrounding temperature.
When it comes to the colouring of the epoxy resin, just add dry dyes to the mixture. These can be pigments, powders, and other decorative objects.

Some ideas for use

Resin offers many creative possibilities. It can be combined with other materials, especially wood. In this case, you can use it to make authentic furniture. Moreover, the mixture of wood and epoxy is highly appreciated for its originality, elegance, singularity and modernity. This type of furniture is perfect for beautifying contemporary living spaces.
You will also find many models of jewelry in epoxy resin. This material can be available in a multitude of colours and allows you to create custom creations.
Always to give a touch of elegance to your interior space, you can use epoxy as a flooring. You will surely appreciate the brilliance of this material. It will give your pieces an unparalleled originality. In addition, the possibilities of hues and effects are endless.

epoxy resine

Benefits of epoxy resin

First of all, epoxy resin ecan tune can be customized, whether it’s in terms of shades of color or shapes. It is possible to create unique colour combinations, with a little imagination and talent.
Epoxy is also very resistant to external aggression. It can withstand heavy loads and receives shocks perfectly. It is also appreciated for its lifespan, which is an excellent investment.
The epoxy resin requires very little maintenance. Just clean it with soapy water or a classic cleaning product. Only overly aggressive chemicals should be banned.

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