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3D epoxy resin floors: a new trend in coating


In recent years, the world of home design has continued to make new prowess. All means are good to bring a touch of originality to the interior spaces and bring them a real character. It’s no longer a secret: the flooring gives a space a special and personalized look. You’ve probably heard of the ground 3D effect! It is a trompe l’oeil coating that has won the hearts of lovers of unique interior decorations. Find out in this article why this type of coating makes it feel.

The peculiarities of a 3D resin flooring

Innovative, creative and above all authentic, the resin trompe l’oeil soil is the fruit of 3D technology. That is why it has attracted so much attention from all. This is a 1 to 2 mm thick cast. The end result is quite special, thanks to its smooth side, its brilliance and the fact that there are no joints. This type of coating offers different advantages.

Great resistance

As fragile as it may appear, the 3D resin floor offers good resistance to abrasion and wear. Thanks to its composition, it is perfectly resistant to heavy traffic. This type of cladding is perfect for an entrance hall, living room, bathroom, etc. In addition, be aware that 3D soil is not sensitive to the various chemical aggressions common, including fat, oil, diluted acids, etc.

A clean-up facility

The 3D epoxy resin floors do not present any difficulty with cleaning and sterilization. You won’t need any specific maintenance to preserve the charm of this material.
Many possibilities for personalization
If the 3D epoxy resin floor is so popular, it’s because it offers a multitude of design possibilities. Indeed, this kind of coating allows all the patterns, even the most impressive. You will bring real added value to your interior decoration.

A few inspirations

There are many customization ideas for a 3D epoxy resin floor, depending on the mood you want to create in the room.


Do you want to bring the right waves of holidays and the beach to your living spaces? Be aware that it is possible to make a trompe l’oeil flooring representing a beautiful beach in the colors of the Caribbean. It is also possible to create the illusion of a seabed.

3D epoxy resin floors Products.


You can also reproduce the Milky Way to take your guests to a whole new dimension.
Be aware that there are also 3D floor stickers & 3D epoxy resin floors that will cost you less. This is the ideal solution if you only want to cover a small part of the ground or if you lack a budget. The result is just as impressive!

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