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Creating tables and jewelry in epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is widely used in the manufacture not only of high performance composites, but also of furniture, tables and even jewelry.

The possibilities of creations to do for yourself with this polymers are infinite. Transparent epoxy resin will add a personal touch to all your creations. She’ll know also ensure their sustainability over time.

epoxy resine

What to do with epoxy resin?

Creating tables and jewelry in epoxy resin

Do you want to highlight your decorating tastes with ultra-modern design tables? Creating a transparent epoxy resin table is within everyone’sreach.

The manufacture of a table made of wood and epoxy resin is an exceptional and very original project. Indeed, you can create river tables of different sizes, encrusted with resin for a magical and impressive effect!

The creation of jewellery

Epoxy resin can be used, not only for decoration of designer furniture such as tables, but also the creation of Jewelry!

The creation of resin jewelry is a stain fun and exciting. It is possible to use resin, combined with dyes to create an infinite number of patterns and accessories.

Epoxy resin can be used in two ways to the creation of jewellery. This material is in liquid form before use. It is also characterized by its transparency and solidity once Dry.

Which epoxy resin to choose?

For the manufacture of your resin jewellery, you can use either inclusion resin or icing resin. In this regard, inclusion resin, it allows the creation of jewellery, colorful and colorless necklaces, rings, earrings. The resin frosting protects your supports and jewelry.

In short, epoxy resin jewelry is extremely splendid and indispensable for all those who grant importance to their looks.

Let your imagination run wild and create Impressive jewelry in epoxy resins!

Last Tip!

Whether it’s creating your tables or your epoxy resin jewelry, always prefer a quality resin (preferably Italian resin), long-lived and anti-yellowing.

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