Food Safe KG 1.55


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Resina Trasparente per Contatto foodare Food Safe KG 1.55

Resina Trasparente per Contatto Alimentare – Food Safe/ KG 1.55

Finalmente la prima Resina TRASPARENTE certificatea per contatto alimentare! Per Rivestire i tuoi piatti e taglieri! Atossica e certificata per il contatto alimentare (liquidi anche).

Bestseller per creazioni artistiche , rivestimento di superfici! Ideale per creare vassoi, taglieri, piatti, bicchieri, posate, coltelli e piani di tavoli, realizzare souvenir, creare uno strato protettivo su immagini stampate (fotografie, tele, quadri), realizzare mobili di design, creare elementiivi decoration e di design tramite tecniche di inglobamento

Epossidico Bicomponente ad alto modulo non caricato, media fluidità. Il sistema e composto utilizzando esclusivamente materie premium included nella lista positiva delle sostanze ammesse per il contatto alimentare (Regolamento EU No.10/2011 14 gennaio 2011).

Excellent surface finish and good yellowing resistance, to be used with the casting method, characterized by high transparency, good stability on the outside, excellent mechanical resistance and basic and acidic substances.

Automatic leveling casting application. The medium-high viscosity of this resin allows for a wide range of applications specifically for the realization of non-toxic surfaces. High viscosity and self-driving properties ensure reflective and self-contained surfaces. Recommended for casting with a maximum thickness of 5 mm.

Loaded with mineral aggregates of appropriate granulometry, it is used in the construction of autonlanting epoxy soils and caps unsuitable for contact with food, industrial soils, etc.

The documentation ensures that the raw materials used are those listed by the Ministry of Health and the laboratory migration test on catalyzed resin samples is an additional guarantee that the transparent product, if applied in accordance with the instructions for use, does not present release of harmful products for Health. This information can be accessed by the end user in the publication of the HCCP certification, which remains the responsibility of the end user.

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