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APP® Mixing Cup 1000 ml

I 1300 grams

Professional mixing cup for paints and varnishes. The APP mixing cups are made of a robust plastic that resists the chemicals contained in the paints. A precise graphic scale on the wall of the bucket facilitates the dosage of the correct quantities of product while respecting the mixing ratios specified by the manufacturer. The easy-to-read scale inside the bucket makes it easy to do the ideal dosage and blend of products. You can add 10, 20 or 30% solvent to influence and regulate the viscosity of the mixture. An innovative method of merging the scale in the bucket wall ensures its durability in use. Mixing ratio: 2: 1, 3: 1, 4: 1, 5: 1, solvent addition: 10%, 20% and 30%

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Mixing cup

10 pieces, 25 pieces, 50 pieces

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