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EPOXYWOOD 7.5 KG Epoxy resin for wood – protective coating, restoration, reinforcement

EPOXYWOOD RESIN EPOXY to build, protect and restore 7.5 KG wood

Protects and heals the wood, with high waterproofing, penetrates deep. Excellent for all repairs and customizations of projects. Structural epoxy solvent-free system, designed to build, protect and restore wood, fiberglass and many other supports.

Excellent for wood, fiberglass and metal surfaces.

Stuc applicable even in high thickness, mix 1 part of THE EPOXYWOOD CATAlyzed EPOXYWOOD RESIN RESIN RESIN – 2/3 parts of Resin Pro glass microspheres.

7.5 kg kit includes:

  • 5 kg component A
  • 2.5 kg of component B

EPOXYWOOD RESIN IS a state-of-the-art product with excellent penetration, flexibility and adhesion features that make it essential for maintenance. With EPOXYWOOD EPOXY RESIN, you get a very strong bond, surface protection and support tightness.

The wood treated with EPOXY EPOXYWOOD RESIN is completely waterproofed and strengthened, keeping its flexibility and strength characteristics intact. Once catalyzed, it can be mixed with its additives. Resin Pro glass microspheres provide easy-to-apply, high-strength stucco. Surface preparation: before intervening with EPOXY EPOXYWOOD RESIN, make sure the surface to be treated is completely dry and free of moisture. The wood to be treated should always be clean, dry and free of oil and/or grease, etc. Sand surfaces before application.

150-200g/m2 applied in one layer.


Mix the base and hardener in a volume ratio: 2: 1 or weight 70:30.

The duration of the catalyzed mixture from 30 minutes to 20 degrees Celsius.


To clean tools, use an epoxy diluant.

For the waterproofing cycle, apply 3-4 layers for a final thickness of 300-400.

The resin film requires a minimum period of 7 days at a temperature of 20oC to fully reticulate and be ready for use.

Full drying: 7 days.

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