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Bathroom flooring trompe l’oeil 3D – Blue ice

Decorative 3D flooring impressive effect. Drawing trompe l’oeil created in high definition.

An essential decoration idea for communication agencies and their event marketings.

Description of our materials:

1. Self-stick vinyl flooring:

These materials are designed for temporary decorations or so-called event sets. For example: promotion in a store, animation in a car show, exhibition in a stand, a birthday party, wedding ceremony, etc., …

To make them stronger, specialized resin craftsmen can layer 2 or 3 layers of transparent epoxy resin on top.

These vinyls are only suitable for perfectly smooth, clean and dry soil.

Technical data from our self-adhesive 3D vinyl floors:

Total thickness: 0.35mm.

Maximum width of a lé: 1.0-1.2m.

The number of lee provided depends on the total width of your décor.

2. Thick soft PVC flooring:

These materials are designed and intended for sustainable decorations, for example: bathroom decoration, kitchen, shopping mall, games room, public office, etc.

The materials are environmentally friendly and fireproof, the lifespan can reach about 10 years indoors (depending on the conditions of use and maintenance). The floor to be decorated must be clean, dry, without cracks to ensure a lasting bonding.

Technical data on our flexible 3D PVC soils:

Total thickness: 2mm-8mm on request.

Thick wear layer: 0.35-0.5mm.

Maximum width of one lé: 1.5m.

The number of lee provided depends on the total width of your décor.

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