800 Grams Glass Micro-Spheres


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800 Grams Glass Micro-Spheres

Glass micro-spheres are additives to be used with versatile epoxy resin to obtain excellent compounds with different characteristics.

Excellent for obtaining compounds: self-leveling and loaded.

These are micro-spheres of low-humidity glass and therefore excellent for use above and below the waterline. Glass micro-spheres are needed to obtain a range of specific low-weight loads that are easy to sand, the consistency of which varies according to the user’s needs. The product is ideal for filling horizontal cracks, small surface imperfections, sealing, smoothing and groove.

TECHNICAL DONNES: 100% solid volume.


Before working with the versatile “Transparent” epoxy resin (Resin Pro), make sure the surface to be treated is completely dry and moisture-free. In the case of wood, it should always be clean, dry and free of oil and/or other products. In addition, between the preliminary phases of application, it is important to remember to sand the surfaces well.

APPLICATION: Glass beads should be added to the “Transparent” (Resin Pro) multipurpose epoxy resin only after mixing component A well with component B in a weight ratio of 100:60.
By mixing, you can get three different types of compounds to use in different cases: Fluid compound: Mix 2 parts of multipurpose epoxy resin “Transparent” (Resin Pro) catalyzed – 1 part of micro-spheres to obtain a fluid self-leveling compound indicated for filling horizontal cracks or to perform bonding. Filling agent: Mix 1 part of the “Transparent” (Resin Pro) catalyzed multi-purpose epoxide resin – 1 part of microspheres to obtain a semi-fluid compound that can be used as a charge for small surface imperfections and smoothing. Stuc: Mix 1 part of “Transparent” catalyzed multipurpose epoxy resin – 3 parts of micro-spheres to obtain a charge that can also be applied in large thicknesses.

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