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Detachable film, Shiny Shield 96cm to create table

Anti-stick film, brilliant “Shiny Shield” (Large 96 CM, Length: 3M, Color: transparent).

  • “Shiny Shield” anti-stick film for epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic resins.
  • Transparent, adhesive and easily removable, it does not release traces of adhesive on products;
  • Apply to ALL SURFACE;
  • Specially developed for the EXTERNE REVÊTEMENT of Castings. It is easily applied without irregularities, creating a flat, shiny surface without air bubbles;
  • Once the resin is solidified, the film “Shiny Shield” comes off easily leaving a smooth surface and VERY BRILLANTE;
  • REUSABLE several times;
  • It requires no additional type of treatment and is IMMEDIATELY PRÊT to be exposed to the sun.
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