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Large variety of epoxy resin pigments specially designed for the coloring of polyester, vinylster, acrylic urethane and stratification epoxy and casting; as well as gel and finishing. Can be used perfectly for tinted epoxy systems, but you should always perform a test to check its compatibility, especially in the case of epoxy resins are used for surface finish application.


Powdered mother-of-pearl:

These are ultra-thin mica-based powders, which are used as a “charge” to give an iridescent effect.

You can add about 10g-25g of mother-of-pearl per litre of mixture, to create a resin rich in color and sparkle.

How do I calculate the volume of a casting?

Two solutions:

calculate height x length x width in cm

1000 cm3 – 1 Litre


Pour ingoning volumes of rice/lentils into the void

to calculate these volumes approximately

The volume of liquid resin gives the same volume of resin after drying


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