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Product Information “Oil Plus 2C Pure (Colorless, A -B)”
A brief overview

Consumption: 1 litre – 30 – 50m2
Drying time: 24 hours, 80% drying after only 2 days to make the right object fit
Wasserbest-ndigkei t: full force already after 5 days

General information

Rubio MONOCOAT oils are high-end wood oils with which the handyman can make ambitious surfaces. The
Rubio MONOCOAT Oil Plus 2C
is extremely
water and heat
and creates an easy-to-maintain surface. Thanks to the special Rubio MONOCOAT technology, the oil combines with the highest cellulose fibers of wood – the color becomes uniformly resistant to abrasion and does not overlap. Another layer is not necessary. Rubio oils are extremely economical: they colour and protect with a single layer and therefore have an extremely long range. But it can also be used as a renovation or maintenance oil.

Adjustment, requirement and result

The RMC Oil Plus can be used for all raw and freshly sanded wood furniture and wooden floors. The oil is suitable for all natural oiled surfaces and all types of wood (solid wood, veneer, MDF, etc.).

Since it is necessary to apply only one layer of oil, the oil is particularly easy and user-friendly to handle. Special molecular binding technology prevents streaks and film formation, as well as overlaps and approaches, thus guaranteeing an optimal result with little effort. This makes the product suitable for all DIY enthusiasts!

The unique application provides a particularly consistent result: there are no overlaps, approaches or streaks. The combination of wood-preservation oil and accelerator ensures rapid drying.


Just try the world of Rubio colors

RMC Oile is available in a variety of different colors. The resulting colour depends on various factors such as the grain, the sanding pattern and, above all, the type of wood to be oiled. (The sampling area is a bright oak tree). The base tone of the wood cannot be changed after oiling. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you create a small sampling area on your wood. For this purpose, you will receive samples of 20 ml of the respective original Rubio colored oil of all shades of color.


Respect for the environment: The dye oil is absolutely VOC-free and solvent-free and thus protects the environment as well as your health!

In treatment

Rubio professional surfaces very easy

Oil should never be diluted! Mix the product well before applying. When using several packs on the same site, it is recommended to mix them to obtain a uniform result.

The application of RMC Plus 2C is done in a few simple steps: Please also note the binding processing instructions attached to the container.


With one litre of RMC oil, an area of 30 to 50 m2 can be treated, depending on the type of wood, the sanding process and the type of application of the oil. Thanks to its unique technology, the RMC Oil Plus 2C is extremely low in consumption compared to conventional wood care oils.


Rubio colored oil is 100% VOC and solvent-free and protects the environment as well as your health! The oils are labeled with the ‘comfort of indoor air – certified product’. However, the hardener should be used with caution. Please note the manufacturer’s safety and hazard information about the product. You can find details about Rubio’s focus on a healthy indoor climate in our PDF RUBIO EUROFINS INDOOR AIR COMFORT GOLD.


Safety and hazard information

WARNING: All oxidation hardening oils dry by reacting with atmospheric oxygen. A little heat is released during this reaction. This is not a problem on wood – the heat is dissipated directly into the ambient air and the temperature of the wood increases very little. However, with rags or tampons, the amount of oil per surface is significantly higher and the heat can accumulate. Cloths or tampons soaked in the product can catch fire and must be neutralized in water after use. We therefore recommend simply soaking the rags with water and sealing them tightly in a garbage bag.

Additional information


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