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TOP PRO flexible anti-scratch gloss coating

This new two-component product is distinguished by its special formula of 100 A: 80B which guarantees optimal and high-performance results. Specific for resin surfaces in combination with other materials (wood, stone, fabric).

Resists up to 200 degrees. High resistance to shocks and wear thanks to its elastic composition.

Added with UV filters: high resistance to yellowing.

Ideal for covering worktops and tables, trays and all types of coasters. The composition resists small scratches due to daily wear and ensures a shiny surface. Also suitable for Dooming and artistic applications on fabrics.

Numerous tests have shown that, although without solvent, the thermal resistance of this resin is 2 hours at a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius and 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

The particular composition gives the product a high resistance to shocks and scratches, making it very ductile and difficult to crack.

Ideal for covering worktops and tables, trays, coasters and even shoes, it can be used for shiny finishes that require high protection.

To remove bubbles, use a heat source: be sure to use a torch or hairdryer for only 2-3 seconds on each area to avoid damaging the finish.

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