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Renovate old furniture with epoxy resin

Today, the time is no longer really in the world of the untimely purchase of the new every time the old one is damaged. Today, we see with great tact the skyrocketing of the renovation system. The latter mainly affects elements such as furniture and others. Thus, it is possible to breathe new life into your old kitchen,shower or living room furniture thanks to the epoxy resin. How? Well, follow us for more detail and especially the process to follow to achieve this.

What is epoxy resin?

It is actually a polymer that has a liquid shape and has really extraordinary properties for renovating old furniture with epoxy resin. Indeed, the latter is heat-boggling and is composed of two fairly important components. This incredible gem is made industrially and can become solid depending on the temperature. The latter can also be added to some dyes to offer much more interesting and design shades. However, to take advantage of so many advantages, there is a canvas to follow to renovate the furniture using epoxyresin,but which one?

Epoxy Resine


Like all jobs, here too it is important to arm yourself well. This includes tools such as: Screwdriver; Alcohol household 90 degrees; Sander; Protective gloves; Sponge; Acrylic putty and many others.

This is the case of other elements like the range of colored resin to renovate the old furniture with the epoxy resin that you will have to choose. Indeed, whatever the object is in the air, whether it is wood, cement or even tile, this material will easily adapt to everything. Once you’ve chosen from the 27 shades available and one transparent, you can move on.

A jar of raw resin is therefore equal to the contents of the diluted resin jar in the container supplied for purchase. To obtain it, make a good mixture until you get a liquid solution and once it is close, pour in the hardener and mix again.

The renovation itself

Once the furniture is to be renovated with the epoxy resin prepared, i.e. wrists removed, sanded surface, degreased, cleaned with household alcohol and dusted, a layer of resin should be extended using a foam roller. After waiting about an hour or a little longer and at an average temperature of 20oC, you can move on to the next steps.

It will therefore be necessary to cover the furniture again, but rather the fixed parts of those who have previously undergone the same preparation treatment. So you’ll have to think about the songs and even inside the doors. Here, the drying time is about 3 hours and a total of 6 hours, as you will refurbish a layer of epoxy resin. It is recommended in case you want to put a finishing layer to renovate the old furniture with epoxy resin and leave a drying time equivalent to 24 hours, especially for strong shades.


Depending on what you want to have as a finish, it is possible to choose between matte, satin or shiny appearance. So using a finishing resin, no worries. This is applied with a foam roller. The most beautiful finishing effect is probably the laqué aspect that gives the high-thickness and transparent epoxy resin.

Then leave it dry for 24 hours and then roll up the doors and wrists. And after 7 days, the renovation until hardening is complete.

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