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With resine epoxy kit of 27 kg

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epoxy resine

Here is an epoxy resin table made by a customer, a very nice table with capsule incorporated into the epoxy resin,

with some advice from me ,…. I feel a can co-creator.

All he needed was a 27-kilogram kit of epoxy resins a metal table digs some capsule, patience, …,

and here’s a masterpiece, no need to be a pro to realize his own table in epxy resin you must have only the best epoxy resine

Some advice before sinking

Soyer patient flow in layers of 2 centimeters at a time, if you use a blowtorch or other instruments to remove the bubbles,

wait for several bubbles to come to the surface, repeat the process at most every 15 to 20 minutes for three times maximum

Let the epoxy resin crystallize naturally, avoid overheating a mass effect could trigger!

The next day your second coat flowed,

if bubbles have appeared on the surface of the first sink don’t worry you,

because it will be enough to fit them with a sharp tool the resin epoxy fills the void created by the bubble,

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do not resist a new contact for any questions related to the product!

Resine epoxy satisfied customer

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