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Hello I propose this Swiss epoxy resins transparent and transparent Italian anti-yellowing and 10-year guarantee the best and most economical!in the sale price customs clearance and delivery costs for Switzerland its included you will have no other concern other than that of doing well your creation!

epoxy resine

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is obtained by mixing two ingredients. The product is a thermo-resistant liquid polymer. The resin becomes liquid between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, so you can mold or pour it to get the shapes of your creations. It is important to pay attention to the temperature, as it hardens from 15oC.

resine epoxy

The epoxy resin is flexible, strong and durable. It is resistant to shocks and bad weather such as rain or sun. This polymer is resistant to household cleaning products. You don’t have to worry about a drop of overflowing acid or solvents of any kind in the house. For your information, epoxy resin is sufficient to create sound and thermal insulation in your home.

We offer high quality transparent epoxy resin kits compared to the competition. Just buy a kit from us and you will be delivered for free. Our products are easy to apply, you can use them without difficulty. In addition, you can enjoy a complete kit with detailed instructions.

epoxy resine

How to use Swiss epoxy resins?

The product is sold in two distinct vials. The first contains epoxy resin and the other the hardener. For a perfect result, it is essential to follow to the letter the dosage instructions for each ingredient. It is recommended to choose a kitchen scale to make the right mix. Each manufacturer has the secret to the perfect dosage of its product. You must weigh the resin and pour the desired amount into a container.

You can then add the right amount of hardener. Mix the two ingredients for up to 3 minutes while picking up the products that hang around the edges. Your mixture should be homogeneous to avoid air bubbles or opaque areas. Epoxy resin scans harden in a few days. However, the temperature of the room where you put your creations plays a major role on the hardening time.

resine epoxy

A high temperature speeds up this hardening while a low temperature slows it down. You can use express heating for an achievement less than 1 cm thick. It’s about putting a heat source close to your creation so that the epoxy resins harden faster. However, it is advisable to respect the few days of hardening of the product in order to keep optimal all its qualities.

Some useful tips for working the polymer well

It is important to get a flawless finish with epoxy resin. If you want a flooring, it is recommended to call in an expert to apply the product. We have the tools and equipment to provide you with quality services. Our products are the only anti-yellowing epoxy resins for 10 years. You benefit from a team of experts and a glossy, transparent and very wear-resistant finish.

For decorative epoxy resin creations, you should apply the resin to a dry stand and avoid a high humidity in your workshop. In the evening or with the rain, the humidity is highest. Air bubbles are not aesthetic for your work, it is important to mix the ingredients well to reduce them.

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