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resine epoxy

EPOXY RESINE TRANSPARENTE 8 KG – Dedouanement and Free Shipping!

Two-component epoxy system (made up of 5000 g resin and 3000 g hardener). high-performance, for application in film (1 mm) and dripping strain sup to 1.5 cm thick. In addition to the high transparency (water effect) and the levelling properties. The resin ensures good mechanical sealing for consolidation applications and with carbon fiber. The product is characterized by a low viscosity that reduces the presence of bubbles and makes it easier to impregnate the carbon fiber. The excellent moisture resistance ensures a shiny and transparent surface. The product is compatible with the main colouring pastas on the market. Transparent epoxy resin is a two-component resin-based product and relative amino hardener.

Transparent Epoxy

The main features of this product are:

High transparency,

Excellent mechanical resistance,

Good chemical resistance,

High impregnation and consolidation of technical fabrics,

Long-range handling,

Brighter surface and autoniveling product.

Transparent epoxy resin is colorable with any epoxy dye. (in the form of paste or powder) as a percentage of 0.1% to 2.0%. It can also be thickened with the use of inert materials such as powders and pyrogenic silica.

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